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Bonbons & Crackers

Personalised Mini Bonbons filled with chocolates, whisky miniatures, shortbread, lollies or gifts

Choose from a range of fillings such as Lindt Lindor, Xmas Puddings, solid chocolate Hearts, Stars, Bells, Diamonds or Baubles, or suggest your own choice of confectionary - just ask! For something extra special, choose our selection of whisky miniatures. You can also supply own confectionary or gifts, we'll do the rest!
Can be supplied plain, personalised with stickers, hot foil stamped, or printed 
Bonbon with sticker (full colour on white)
Bonbon with hot foil stamp
Bonbon with 1 colour print

What's inside?
Choose from a range of contents, or suggest an alternative, or supply your own - it's your choice!

Whisky Miniatures (25ml glass bottles)

2 Lindt Lindor

2 Printed Shortbread

2 Xmas Puddings

2 Xmas Caramels
3 or 4 Baubles
3 Diamonds
2 Chocolatier Twist Wraps

3 or 4 Stars

3 or 4 Hearts

3 or 4 Bells

Mini Cracker

Mini Bonbon
Choice of contents from 1 x Chocolatier Twist Wrap  2 x Printed Shortbread
3 x Bells
3 x Stars
3 x Baubles
3 x Hearts
2 x Twist Wraps
4 x Bells
4 x Stars
4 x Baubles
4 x Hearts
3 x Diamonds
2 x Lindt Lindor
2 x Xmas Caramels
2 x Xmas Puddings
Whisky miniatures Optional extras (in addition to basic price of Mini Bonbon)  
Sticker Hot Foil Stamp (applied to 3 faces)   1 colour print Full colour print
Notes Like larger traditional crackers, this mini cracker 'snaps' when pulled apart
Lindt Lindor supplied as random mix from milk, dark, white, hazelnut, mint, caramel.
Baubles supplied as random mix of Red, Green, Silver & Gold. Diamonds supplied as mix of silver & gold.
Hearts, Stars & Bells supplied as random mix of foils from our 'Xmas Mix' of red, green, gold & silver holly or choose from our full selection of colours. See our Bulk Foiled page for colour choices
Whisky miniatures are a random selection of high quality Scotch Whiskies (click here to see the range), please enquire if you have specific whisky choices or would like a different kind of spirit altogether
Other confectionary or supply your own gifts   Please enquire for pricing
 Size 150 x 24mm 150 x 40mm
 Custom print size Sticker - 46 x 11mm matt white sticker with full colour print Sticker - 46 x 11mm matt white sticker with full colour print
Foil stamped - max 14 x 50mm applied to 3 faces
Printed - full area of Bonbon
 Minimum Order 25.100 50 for Whisky miniatures, all others 100 plain or stickered, 500 if foil stamped or printed
Shelf Life  6 months 6 months
Artwork required  EPS, PDF, JPG EPS, PDF, JPG
 Colour options Gold only White, silver and gold are stock colours, other colours available for orders 500+ or at additional cost for smaller orders
 Lead time 2 weeks
Only available September-December
2-3 weeks. Available all year round